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National Auctioneer Association
Benefit Auction Specialist
Certified Auctioneers Institute
Certified Estate Specialist
National Auctioneer Foundation


Wenda has been at Frank's side as a bid spotter, auctioneer, and sale coordinator for over 18 years. She is the nuts and bolts person -- Frank is just nuts.

BAS Benefit Auction Specialist
Business Degree
Professional Fashion Model
Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur
All-Natural Champion Bodybuilder - after 2 natural childbirths.

Wenda is a successful W O M A N before and after meeting the man of her life. (Yes, it’s Frank)

Wenda has 18 years of hands on auction experience as an administrative coordinator. She runs a crew of 10 clerks and processors at auctions each month. She is a bid spotter extraordinaire and talented live auctioneer.

With over 500 auctions to her credit, she has auctioned everything from art to livestock, automobiles to antiques. She has an easy to follow, clear, concise, and engaging style that eases buyers into making the extra bid and if she can’t squeeze a bid out of you with her charm, she’ll use her awesome strength.

All kidding aside,

"The Trunzo's"
Frank and Wenda are the real thing..
Fully committed to professional excellence.

They bring their lively spirit and enthusiasm to every event.
They are devoted to worthy causes that are biblically based and
boldly profess how very blessed they are to have been directed
and nudged into such a wonderful assignment.

Once contracted, there is not a day to long or any obstacle to large
that they aren't willing to accept on your behalf.


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