Sentry Benefit Auctioneers: Personal Message to You

W W W . S E N T R Y 4 E V E N T S 4 U . C O M


National Auctioneers Institute
Benefit Auction Specialist
Certified Auction Institute
Certified Estate Specialist
National Auctioneers Foundation
National Speakers Association
National Speakers Association Central Florida Division

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Family Pic of the Trunzo's


We are blessed to have each other,
our family, profession and, of course, our faith.

With FAITH we accept this incredible assignment
and journey we have been trusted to undertake.

We are happy to accept fundraising events that are biblically sound.

We joke that we will save the trees and protect the turtles.

But... we will not support organizations or agendas that are
not consistent with biblically based principles.


We are destiny seekers ,

Searching for
YOUR Success
YOUR Applause
YOUR Celebration

"Its All About You"


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