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Expect straight foward answers
Prompt/Professional/Courteous Response - Integrity - Diligence
We provide the best of the best to you:

  • World Champion Auctioneer, Frank Trunzo
  • Professional Bidspotter, Wenda Trunzo
  • Bid Confirmation Forms
  • Establish Timelines
  • Description of items in Live Auction
  • Lotting order of sale
  • Layout and design of Auction
  • Opening Announcements
  • Closing Announcements and Remarks
  • Announce closings of Silent Auction
  • Personal meeting with committee and/or conference calls as necessary
  • Assistance in establishing Promotional Concepts
  • Consulting by telephone as needed
  • All Form Templates
  • Training for Volunteers: registration, bidspotters, checkout
  • Fund A Need
  • Silent Bid Forms

Also available when implemented:

  • Bidding Frenzy
  • Wild Card Auction
  • Power Point presentation
  • PA System
  • Clerking System

We also ...
Help Establish and moderate various auction committees
Provide lists and package ideas for solicitation by your committees
Monitor, troubleshoot, coach, and brainstorm with you throughout the process


Benefit AuctionSpecialist (BAS) Link to NAA BAS Certification

Less than 300 professionals have earned this certification. Developed by N.A.A. and taught by leaders of the industry. Curriculum covers all phases of successful benefit fundraising.

CAI Certification
The Symbol of Excellence for the Auction Industry

What does CAI mean?
CAI stands for Certified Auctioneers Institute. It is an executive educational program designed for decision- makers in auction firms.

Who coordinates the CAI program?
The National Auctioneers Association Education Institue, base in Overland Park, KS, coordinates the program. The Institute specializes in offering a wide range of educational for auction professionals nationwide.

Are CAI designations common among Auctioneers?
No. Less than five percent of auction professionals throughout the United States currently hold their CAI.

What is the focus of study during the CAI Classes?
They study legal, financial, accounting principles, practice management skills, study business ethics and marketing techniques and are introduced to new technology that can enhance auctions. Distinguished IU faculty and nationally renowned business consultants and Auctioneers teach classes.

What Advantage does a consumer have in hiring a CAI Auctioneer?
CAI is the highest and most notable regarded designation awarded in the auction industry. CAI Auctioneers are well educated, highly professional and very dedicated to meeting the needs of both auction buyers and sellers. Top leaders within the industry have trained them in all aspects of the auction profession. They have made a commitment to quality service.

Certified Estate Specialist (CES)

A Certified Estate Specialist has advanced education in exactly how to deal with the settling of estates, from working with family members to dealing with lawyers and accountants.

Families take a lifetime to acquire and maintain their assets. It can take only hours to dispose of those assets. Make sure you seek out a Certified Estate Specialist so that all aspects of the settling of the estate can be handled appropriately to the benefit of estate executors.

Certified Estate Specialists are accustomed to dealing with other professionals, such as CPA's, tax attorney's, financial planners and family lawyers. They are familiar with the legal requirements and restrictions on their geographic areas, and will use their knowledge to bring the greatest return to those involved in the sale.


A unique and valuable service that can (earn) increase revenue from 20% upwards to 50%.

The "Primary Bid Spotter" motivates and personally engages the potential buyers to stretch a little more, "give a little more for the cause."

Working as an extension of the auctioneer, they keenly follow his verbal queues and hand signals that prompt the how, when, and where to "work the bidder."

This service is included.
Additional volunteers "Auction Angels" will be needed and their training is also inclusive. A short seminar will be provided to instruct and motivate volunteers on how to have fun and be helpful in encouraging bids.

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